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• Four XLR inputs and eight XLR outputs can be linked and
• configured together in any fashion
• Top sound quality in its class
• 8 band Parametric EQ and a 31 band Graphic EQ on all
• inputs / outputs
• Input and Output Crossovers with Bessel, Linkwitz-Reilly and
• Butterworth slopes
• Input Compressors and Output Limiters
• Precise frequency control is achieved down to a 1Hz resolution
• PC based graphic user interface (GUI) software for onscreen
• editing of all parameters
The DLMS4080 is a self-contained, fully programmable, Digital Loudspeaker Management System capable of handling full control of the Elevation Series or any other loudspeaker system. The four Inputs and eight outputs can be routed in multiple configurations to meet any system requirement. Full system setup and configuration can be done in real time from the front panel or with the intuitive PC based graphic user interface (GUI) software via the on-board RS232, Ethernet or USB port when more complex system control is required.
Input Impedance: >10k Ohms
Output Impedance:  50 Ohms
Maximum Level: 50 Ohms
Frequency Response: +/- 0.1dBu (20Hz - 20kHz)
Dynamic Range: 115dB typical (unweighted)
CMRR: >60dB (50Hz - 10kHz)
Crosstalk: <-100dB
Distortion: 0.002% (1kHz @+4dBu)
Processor: 40-bit floating point
Sampling Rate:  48kHz
Analog Converters: Super Performance 24-bit
Propagation Delay: 1.8ms
Display:  2 x 16 Character Backlit LCD
Level Meters: 5 segment LED's
Connectors: Analog: 3-pin XLR
RS-232: Female DB-9
Ethernet: Standard CAT-5
USB: USB 1.0 compliant
Power: 90-240VAC (50 / 60Hz)
Dimensions (inches): 9(D) x 19(W) x 1.75(H)
Dimensions (cm): 22.9(D) x 48.3(W) x 4.4(H)
Weight (lbs/kg): 10 / 4.6
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